γλῶσσα glōssa, gloce-sah’

γλῶσσα glōssa, gloce-sah’; of uncertain affinity; the tongue; by implication, a language (specially, one NATURALLY UNACQUIRED):—tongue.  

Acts 2:4 (KJV): And THEY were ALL filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak WITH OTHER TONGUES, as THE SPIRIT GAVE THEM utterance.  

Once upon a time, I visited a fellowship to support a mentee who invited me to an evening gathering.  As I sat there and embraced my communion with the Holy Spirit, a man walked up to me and begin to whisper in my ear, “Yield, yield! Just begin to say bah-bah-bah-bah-bah…”  Then, he starts to do what he calls speaking in tongues.  

I’d heard that sound of babbling before; it was acquired via a method of teaching people to speak in tongues.  As I acknowledged his efforts with a nod, I graciously tuned him out and continued to adjoin myself with the Holy Spirit.  While focusing on The Words of Truth Revealed, I was progressively engulfed into a sea of thankfulness.  

Words, phrases, declarative sentences, and exclamatory statements set my spirit on fire!  The Holy Ghost filled me and gave me utterance.  Now, this wasn’t my first filling; but for this “once upon a time” experience, I was filled.  After my gift of utterance, between I and the Holy Ghost, the man says, “Oh! You already know how to speak in tongues?”  I acknowledged with a nod and continued to commune with The Spirit of Truth.  

Yesterday morning, around the 4:43 a.m. hour, I was approached by a bald spirit.  Yes, bald, not bold!  It had a whole lot to say, and lacked a whole lot of power.  I had my baby in my left arm and stretched out my right hand and arm and was, once again, filled with the Holy Ghost and was given utterance.  

My spirit oozed on over to this natural realm, and I heard my sleeping self speaking in a naturally unacquired language.  SELAH!  I’ve never heard this distinct dialect.  It almost frightened “me,” but “I” was not afraid.  SELAH!  I kept speaking into the atmosphere.  After a few moments, me went back to sleep.  

I pronounce that to say this: don’t LET someone – anyone – try to TEACH you what only the The Holy Spirit can GIVE you.  Tune them out and LET the Spirit of Truth GUIDE you into ALL truth.  BE filled! Selah!

© 2018 Angela M. Smith


The Purpose and 500 Miles

Geez!  All this driving around to find the right place to complete a simple task could have been sidestepped if I would have had concise information.

Finally arriving at what may be my destination, I still couldn’t tell if it was my destination.  The building looked like a house from the outside, but the inside looked like a duplex.  Upon entering, there were two red doors to the left.  When my friend, Sina, came out of the second red door I felt relieved knowing that I was, indeed, in the right place.  She greeted me by bidding me to hurry up so that I didn’t miss the gathering.  As I turned my head to respond to her, there she was – a chunky 5-month-old baby girl – sleeping on the sofa in her purple onesie.

Searching the room for other adults, I saw NONE!  As a child advocate, I sensed my purpose for being there beginning to swiftly shift.  There I was sitting and waiting; waiting and watching the sleeping baby; watching for someone to come and claim her.  All I was there for, as I knew, was to get my health benefits papers updated.  However, the ill-knowledgeable lady was taking way too long to write down 8 numbers!  In her incompetent and shambolic space, I kept my sharp vision on the chunky bundle of Joy.  I have always desired to have a daughter of my own, but my womb didn’t deliver her unto me.

Eventually, I was taken into another room around the corner and on one of my frequent peeks I noticed that the baby had awakened.  She wasn’t crying or moving about trying to get off the sofa.  She just laid there looking.  So, I go and behold this caramel Gift who stared at me without a sound.  Her soul was fearless as we held a relevant conversation with our eyes.  I just had to take care of her.

As I’m enjoying her presence, someone says to me, “Change her diaper!”  When I turned around, no one was there.  Peculiar, but not puzzling at all.  I picked her up and everything concerning her was soaked and wet.  MY reason for being there was now second nature to THE reason that I was there.  SELAH.  I told the lady, “Look, just insert my numbers on this form and I will change the baby’s diaper and find some clothes for her.”  The lady looked at me and said, “Well, you can just take her!  She doesn’t have any clothes!”

Her compassionless response made my blood boil!  Yet, as an advocate, I didn’t ask any questions and I didn’t hesitate to do what I do.  I searched the adjacent rooms and couldn’t find ANY clothes to fit her.  Consequently, I cleaned her up, wrapped her in a big shirt, gathered my paperwork, and we left.  Did I know where we were going?  Yes, I did – straight to Florida.  I didn’t even want to be near what I knew as “home.”  We had been talking about moving back home, to Florida, for years and this encounter encouraged me to make an expeditious exit.  I left EVERY unnecessary thing behind and hit the road.  SELAH!

After being on the road for a few moments, I received a call from Bud.  I hadn’t heard from him in five months.  My first thought was that this better be important and my second thought was fixed on why he would be calling me.  Well, Bud went on the explain that he was having a spiritual epiphany and the only person he knew who would understand him was me.  I listened, and we shared for, what seemed like, only a few moments.  As I focused in on the road and my surroundings, I realized that I didn’t recognize where I was.  I hadn’t seen any interstate signs, exit signs, highway signs, mileage signs, no signs… Nowhere!  The entire drive was during daylight and on a two-lane road with shopping plazas and eateries.  I know I didn’t miss any signs because there were no signs.

After I ended my call with Bud, I looked in the back seat and saw the most pacific spirit.  She never cried on this journey, she never indicated that she needed a diaper change or was hungry.  When I drove up on a McDonald’s I was tempted to stop but felt an urgency to keep going.  Just ahead, on the left, was a place that looked family oriented and that’s where we stopped for help.  Well, family oriented it was with a husband and a wife.

The husband greeted us, and the wife asked if she could get the baby something to eat.  She took the baby to the kitchen, I could still see them, and begin to mix cereal for her.  Standing there, on guard, I asked the husband, “What city am I in?”  He replied, “You’re in Miles, Florida!”  Like OMG!  Happy!  Happy!  Happy!  I screeched with happiness as I couldn’t believe I was in Florida.  There were no “Welcome to Florida – The Sunshine State” signs.  Then I paused for a moment, MILES!  I’ve never heard of a city named Miles in the State of Florida.  I explained to the husband that I was trying to get to Rockledge, which is about 45-minutes East of Orlando.

He took his shirt off, sat on the couch, and said, “You’re 500 miles past your exit.”  WHAT????  How could that be true?  There were NO SIGNS!

I fell to my knees!  That same screeching came forth with weeping in angst and frustration.  Then his motive came alive as he invited me to sit next to him, so that he could console me.  His wife was still in the kitchen, with my newfound daughter, watching him watching me with his sensual eyes.  The journey was already one that I hadn’t planned to make, but to have traveled 500 miles past my destination was overwhelming.  For real though, I didn’t have time to waste being upset and I certainly couldn’t afford to devote more time in their musty presence.  I got us up and outta there, and in a hurry!

Still upset, palpitations, brain wiggling with images and thoughts, I had to wipe those tears and wake up!  When I woke up, I Binged, Googled, and Yahooed for a city in Florida named Miles.  Low and behold there it was – Miles City, Florida – situated in the Southern part of the state on a stretch of SR29 (a two-lane road) near I-75.  To my research, it is only 237.7 miles from my destination.

All that, to say this:  don’t limit yourself to what you have planned.  BE free to adjust your goals to achieve an extraordinary objective.  There is always a greater purpose than the one you’ve designed for yourself, and there is always a greater plan for you to execute.  If you get distracted and lose you way, don’t take an answer, any answer, as the only and most accurate answer. 

BE diligent!  Wake up!  Assert your skills and abilities to RESEARCH what you’ve been told!  Had I back tracked 500 miles, I would have missed home (my destination, my goal, my objective, my purpose, my target) – AGAIN!

© 2018 Angela M. Smith

August 24, 2016 – 3:15 p.m.

This day in the history of my life is a day of awareness, once again, that a powerful substance, being, matter, other than my five sense, are alive and well in the earth.

On the 24th of August at 2:51 p.m. I received a tornado warning notification on my phone.  The emergency sirens in the city begin to roar and we followed  the protocol to take shelter in the basement.  Twenty-four (24) minutes later, at precisely 3:15 p.m., I posted a prayer on Facebook:

Father YAH, I thank You for Your continued protection as this wind blows. Settle its breath so that it does not destroy the path we travel. 70×70 mile radius LORD, I trust Your wings of safety. We shall not fear nor BE afraid! Even so, we thank You for spreading Your shield and armor over EVERY school where our sons and daughters have taken cover. We rest in peace….ahhh yes….we rest in peace and in faith that as we BElieve and DO not doubt, all is absolutely well with us, our homes, our families. In the name of Yeshua our Savior…

At 3:20 p.m., the tornado passed through and over, touched down in, my apartment community.  All of these times are significant in their working for my good (2:51 [8], 3:15 [9], 3:20 [5]).

When all was clear, I left the building to get my son from school.  What I didn’t know was that the coach was putting kids in cars so that parents could bring them home to the city.  I kept praying and moved in peace, as my Jordan didn’t have phone service and I had no way to contact him.  Then, I kept getting a phone call from a 708 (15) area code.  Each time I tried to answer, there was no connection.  Finally, the call connected and it was my Jordan  using the phone of the family whom the coach just “put him in their car.”  When I met up with them, we met at Alto Express (my most favorite convenient store), and I gave the father a hug and I hugged the wife thanking them for taking care of my son and getting him to me.

During that moment, I had no thoughts of “where are you going to sleep tonight?”  I had no thoughts of, “I’m going home!”  There just seemed to BE no thoughts at all.  They told me that they took Jordan home and when they arrived near the property they knew right away that we were not going home that night.  After I thanked them, they told me…yes…they TOLD ME that we were going to stay with them.  These God sent strangers didn’t ask me what we were going to do, where were we going to go, did we have this, that, or the other.  They just told me we were going home with them.

So, my Jordan and I went to the complex to get some clothing items and we parked about two blocks around the corner and walked into the complex.  As I walked in, I kept saying, “MERCY LORD!”  It looked like a bombed war zone!  We kept on walking and I kept on asking the LORD for His mercy.  When we approached our unit, I could see how the path of the tornado, the winds and the waves, obeyed my prayers.  My apartment was just as I had left it that morning.  However, the front end of our building was falling down, and all o f the buildings around us were through and through destroyed.

For two days, we watched as residents were hustling, hassling, and moving haphazardly about in a panicky state.  I continued to speak words of peace to my Jordan and explained to him that we were not going to respond like what we see.  Over and over, I placed hope and peace BEfore every step we took until he understood that we were altogether well.  Walking with him through thoughts and feelings, he suddenly said,

“I need a camera!  This looks like a movie set for filming.”  He BEgin to draw on the scenery through his creative vision.  A vision that made something void (disastrous) resourceful.  SELAH!

As I went about the progression of receiving help, I went to a resource and the caseworker said, “How are you so calm during such a disaster? You’re so peaceful!”

I quietly replied, “I AM calm BEcause peace is resting, ruling, and abiding.  I have no reason to disturb it.  And, good can always prevail in a disastrous situation.”

This thought took me back to the hour and minute that I prayed, 3:15 p.m.   That number equals 9.  There are nine fruit of the Spirit.  Peace is the 3rd active fruit of the Spirit, and faith is the 7th one.  These two elements are in full effect in my life; thus the absence of doubt and distress.

So then, even though everyone had to evacuate the premises, BEcause the foundation was not stable, one of the many blessings on this day is that no souls were lost.  All things materialistic are replaceable, and all this memorable are hidden in our heart.  While I’m waiting to retrieve what’s left of my material possessions, I am cognizant of an immediate inhaling receipt of something much more valuable and that is another measure of peace and faith.

I AM Grateful!



















This morning, I rise to the sound of, ‘Good morning Mom.  Is everything alright?  I see you’re clinching your fist.’  I didn’t realize I was doing that, and as I immediately took to relaxation I replied, ‘Good morning son.  Yeah, I am alright.’

Every morning, it is a priority to commune with the LORD my Pastor, my Shepherd. SELAH!  My home is very quiet in the mornings, except for the moving about with breakfast, getting dressed, quietly going over the agenda of the day so that everyone BE agreed.  It is this way to keep at bay distractions that will hinder me from intently hearing what the Holy Spirit is divinely saying to me for me, my household, and His Chosen people who hath an ear to hear.

During my meditation, a few subjects rang true as I (i.e., my low nature self, my flesh, my thoughts, my emotions, my focus on the natural and basic things of this life in this  world), willingly surrendered and submitted to myself (i.e., my true self, my spirit self that abide in the Vine).

One of those subjects that rose up to awareness was, ‘Why do I, personally, fast?’  Am I doing this BEcause I want the LORD my Father to gift me something, to answer my prayers of need and desire, to show me His miraculous wonders, to ‘move’ on my BEhalf of need and desire, etc.?  Absolutely not.  This is not why I personally fast. Yet, this is why many people fast…for them.  They fast with focus on them, for them, to BE heard, instead of fasting for what the LORD has chosen them to fast for.

I’ve personally decided to fast a ‘CHOSEN’ fast, by the LORD.  A fast that is designed for specific outcomes that are applicable to a plethora of life matters.  Isaiah 58:6-7 (KJV) is a most excellent explanation.  And, when we fast a ‘CHOSEN’ fast, by the LORD, Isaiah 58:8-14 is immutable in our lives.  When we fast for what YAH has ‘CHOSEN’ for us, THEN our light break forth, and our health spring forth SPEEDILY, and the glory of the LORD SHALL BE our reward.

The LORD shall answer, and shall guide, and satisfy our soul.  We shall BE like a watered garden.

Have you ever considered the beauty and richness of life a watered garden is?  It is constantly blossoming and filling the atmosphere with a pleasant fragrance.  Or, have you ever considered a SPRING of water that ALWAYS have water?  ALWAYS?  SELAH!  The LORD’s word, His language, His speech, His proclamations, His declarations, His ‘shall’ will not return unto Him void.  As it is clearly guaranteed that His Word goes where He tells it to go, and DOES what He has sent it to DO – accomplish and prosper (Isaiah 55:11, KJV).

The mouth of the LORD hath spoken it, so it is! SELAH!

Another subject that rose with me this morning, and is proven to BE (live and exist as) an absolute truth is that evil communications corrupt good manners.  Ephesians 4:29-32, KJV, emphatically enounces ‘LET no corrupt communication proceed…’  The word LET is indicative to the fact that we are in control of and have the power to do these things or not:  allow, permit, release, withhold, refrain from, etc.  The word corrupt, as identified in this scripture, means perverse, distorted, worthless, worldly, etc.  To the church of Ephesus, Apostle Paul commanded this, LET no.  SELAH!

PUT OFF, again this is something we are in control of, we have the power to do: PUT OFF concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lust; AND BE (live and exist) renewed in the spirit of your mind (vs.24).  The spirit of your mind is the true you, the real you, your spirit self, which does not live in this low nature of flesh (thoughts, emotions, focuses on the natural and basic things of this life in this world).

My sons are daily enlightening me on the language of their peers, and while they are explaining I’m constantly asking questions for clarity.  I’ve had to redirect them on scores of occasions BEcause they were getting too comfortable with phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, words that are not the language of YAH; talk that does not BEcometh worthy, holy, or reverent.  As mother, nurturer, and teacher, the onus is mine to train them up in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6, KJV).

Ephesians 5 encompasses a host of good guidance for the BElievers and followers of Yeshua the Christ; for those who are new creatures and old things are truly passed away; for those of us who understand that the hour cometh, and now IS, when the True Worshippers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:23, KJV).  This compelling demand will save our soul, “BE not ye partakers with them (vs.7); and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them (vs. 11).” SELAH!

I hopeth and I BElieveth that the fruit of my womb is binding this truth around their neck.

And, yet another subject that came to my attention was subliminal communication.  This kind of communication is piercingly audible to the unconscious mind or deeper mind.  And for those of us who are attuned to our unconsciousness, it doesn’t take long for us to ‘quickly and suddenly’ BEcome aware of what is BEing articulated.  We don’t have to ponder if this is ‘The Language of YAH’ or not.


BEcause these messages are detected by the abiding Vine, by the Holy Spirit of the LORD, Who alerts us to do what Apostle John commanded the BEloved (those who were of honorable reputation) to do, “try the spirits whether they are of YAH” (1 John 4, KJV). SELAH!  These messages are often than not, subtil (in a bad sense, crafty, cunning, devious) and have been in the atmosphere since the days of Adam and Eve.

They are not only used by the world, the world’s system, the world’s way; they are chiefly used behind what is called the sacred place in the sanctuary, in the private chambers of spouse’s bedrooms and dwelling places, in public settings by those who are members of the body of Yeshua, in the schools we send our sons and daughters to for 8-12 hours a day, and in our places of employment.

So many of us hinge on these words and messages without ever studying to shew ourselves approved unto YAH. SELAH!  We BEcome the device that swings, turns, and pivot with every sound of these kinds of messages…on this kind of communication.

When we do this hinging, we limit our ability to experience the sum-total benefits of the strait gate and narrow way, which leadeth to LIFE and that more abundantly.  Yet, the same many that are hinged are the ones crying out to YAH, not to BE unhinged, but rather, “Why have You forsaken me? O woe is me!”  Has the LORD YAH that you BElieve in truly done that?  Forsaken you? Or, have you forsaken Him, His Way, His Truth, His Life?  I say to you, repent!  For many will seek to enter in at the strait gate and will not BE able to (Luke 13:24, KJV). The moment of reckoning will BE too late BEcause they are hinged to au fait unrighteousness.  SELAH!

As for me and my journey to BEcome who I was created to BE, for the LORD’s raising me up this morning, whole and stedfast and in my right mind, for His Angels ministering to me, I Am thankful. I Am thankful to BE fully aware that my fasting and praying is not solely about me nor is it only for me.  Instead, it is with respect to and is related to the will and commandment of the LORD my YAH.  I Am thankful to BE aware that it is good for me to actually BEcome the language of YAH, to learn His Word, to talk like Him, and to BE His Word that does not return to Him empty. SELAH.

(C) 2016 Angela M. Smith

Blessed Upon Blessed – Grace Upon Grace!

Here I am, rearranging ideas, making plans, and thinking about how many days shall come until Josh’s graduation and I immediately said, “It’s exactly in 25 days!”  As I said the number a few times, I was thinking to myself, “That doesn’t seem right!”  In my hurrying, as I was really working and managing several items at the same time, I calculated the days again and for some reason couldn’t get 25 out of my mind.  I kept coming up with 25 days that my lad will BE passing through to another stage of life. 

On last night, 05.11.2016, he and I were reviewing his financial obligations for furthering his education and I told him that I’d definitely need to do “something” more than what I’m currently doing to honor that requirement.  There is more waiting on me as I pursue, by faith, for my sons.  However, I knew that whatever I do cannot and I will it not to ever rule over my time to BE available to and for my family.  As we were sharing, he, with a voice of assurance, encouraged me to DO (that word is very important).  

DO what?  

To DO that “something” that I had, the day before (05.10.2016), reneged on doing.  That something was to apply for another position that would significantly assist my capacity to enrich my family’s Kadima shift.  I was thinking that although I am qualified by abilities, education, and expertise, I wasn’t qualified by certification and it would BE unproductive to pursue.   

While chatting with my mother on this morning’s drive, I say to her that we are not going to utilize student loans and become weighted down by debt.  I declared to her that it is not the will of God, our Father, for us to live a life in arrears.  About 10 hours before this conversation, I’d been studying and teaching my lads about the term peonage, i.e., labor in a condition of servitude to extinguish a debt; the condition of a peon (a person who does hard or boring work for very little money).  As I was sharing with my mother, that word (peonage) came to mind and I say to her,

“On the faith of my son, I’m going to apply for the position!” 

She came into agreement with me, and a few moments later, as we were ending our conversation, she sets things in motion with these words, “BE blessed upon blessed!”  Initially, I thought she was inadvertently repeating her words.  However, she said it again, “BE blessed upon blessed!”  Now, at my destination, I am in the process of following through with my declaration and Mrs. Doubt-Procrastination reintroduced herself.  I recognized her presence right away as I haw-hemmed around for an hour.  Then I said, “Hmph!  Bump that!”  With great hope, I proceeded and did just that.  I did what I said I’d do, and the enemy loses again!

But, back to this 25 days though.  I begin to study the number 25, and it means forgiveness of sins by grace upon grace.  This, of the sorts, reiterated what my mother said to me at the end of our conversation for me to “BE blessed upon blessed.”  When this rose to my attention, serenity filled the atmosphere and I rested in this knowledge and measure:  I AM blessed upon blessed and grace upon grace is my portion. 

While shutting my house down from the days’ work, I still didn’t sense a confidence in my calculations and recalculated for a third time how many days there were until my lad passes through to another stage of life.  This time, in a relaxed state, I got it right.  It is 22 days.  This number means light.  Specifically, the light of God is for my son.  For His yoke is easy for my son, and His burden (His abundance) is light (a relief) for us.  SELAH! 

P.S.  I finally understand where I got 25 days from.  From May 9th, the day I initially set out to do a thing, until the day my son passes through is exactly 25 days.  Great things are awaiting us on June 3, 2016, and I will keep pressing to obtain our good!

©2016 Angela M. Smith  

Sleep Time, Dream Time, Rest Time!

Last week Friday, April 1st, I tried an experiment on myself and took notice that for every 3 minutes of sleep time, I actually dreamed for 1 minute.  Every time I opened my eye,s I documented the time.  Three times in a row, I dozed off to sleep and woke up exactly 3 minutes later.  During each of those 3 minutes of sleep time, I watched a 1 minute video in my dream and would wake up.

INCREDIBLE!  I am FASCINATED by time and numbers!  

Sleep Time (min.) Dream Time (min.)
3 1
30 10
45 15
60 20
180 60

Based upon that experiment, I got to pondering:  if we are actually “resting” during dream time, 3 hours of sleep time (180 minutes) would BE equal to 1 hour of rest time (60 minutes).  This would mean in order for us to achieve 8 hours of rest in a full day, we’d need 24 hours of sleep time.  Hmmm!

THINKING OUT LOUD:  And who is literally going to sleep for 24 hours?

Sleep Time (hours) Rest Time (hours)
3 1
6 2
12 4
18 6
24 8

However, it’s been noted via sleep studies and other testings that REM sleep makes up 25% of our sleep cycle.  In this cycle, our brain and bodies are rejuvenated and dreaming occurs.  So then, I got to pondering:  if we are sleeping for 3 hours, we’ve actually experienced 45 minutes of rest time, rejuvenation, dream time.    

Sleep Time (hours) Rest Time – Dream Time (hours)
3 :45
6 1.5
12 3
18 4.5
24 6

Based on this supposition, many of us (including myself) are not honoring our brain and bodies.  We are abusing ourselves by not giving to ourselves an acceptable allocation of honorable rest (not sleep) time.  Studies indicate that based on the age group of my household, we need 8 to 10 hours of sleep per day cycle.  This means that our brains and bodies will receive 2 to 2 hrs. and 30 minutes of rest per day.  

If in fact there are 24-hours in a day cycle, a tithe of a day would BE 2.4 hours, also noted as 144 minutes, also noted as  2 hrs. and 24 minutes.  Can we devote a tenth of our time, 2 hrs. and 24 minutes, to rest by getting adequate sleep?  

I’m certainly going to start this manner of devotion and for this reason:  I need to honor my temple, not just my body as in flesh and bones.  But, my body as in my brain, my neurological system, my heart, my lungs, etc.  Doing this is critical and will make me equally emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy.  

Sleep Time!  Dream Time!  Rest Time! 

©2016 Angela M. Smith    

My Success Status

This morning was one of those few days, that comes and goes here and there, that I felt very lonely as a woman-lady.  While gathering myself together, out of the darkness of this world the voice of the thief attempted to persuade me that the reason I have challenges in achieving sum total success is because I’m unmarried.  I told the thief, “That is a lie from your daddy!  My success is not predicated upon my marital success, but rather my ‘doer of the command’ status according to Joshua 1:6-9.”

As I begin to meditate on those scriptures a few of my favorite united with my mind: BE and DO.  BE very courageous!  I have to live with a steady mind; committed to, faithfully to, and uncompromising to what God has established for me.  I have to DO this BE.  SELAH!

BE!  DO!  This command dictates ‘My Success Status.’  

Without forethought, I understand that I can forfeit my future and the inheritance of my children.  But with wisdom, I can preserve it.  While praying and thinking, these words saluted me and my intellect stood attention:  Pursue!  Overtake! Recover!  There was a surge of energy flowing through me as I begin to explore how they were applicable to me in my right now counterattack.

Pursue:  don’t pursue just anything, but rather pursue what is approved by ‘our Father, Who are in heaven.’  Pursuing is not a lazy task, you must BE tenacious.  

Overtake:  when you come up on that thing, that idea, that desire, which you’ve been given permission to pursue, overtake it.  Overtake, in this presented context means to ‘catch by pursuit.’  When you’ve done that, follow close and cleave to what you’ve caught.  Hold fast to it.  

Recover:  recover, as presented here, doesn’t mean you were weakened and need to be strengthened again.  It means that you’ve pursued, you’ve overtaken, now LIVE!  Be refreshed at the success of being a “doer of the command.”

Pursue!  Overtake! Recover!  This command dictates ‘My Success Status.’

To the many unmarried and the many singles, while flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone is desired and preferred, don’t BE deceived by the temptations of the thief.  Your marital status is not your success status.  You must BE persuaded to DO this:  Pursue, Overtake, and Recover!

© 2016 Angela M. Smith