BetterWhile preparing for the days’ journey, i.e. picking my hair, praying for my family, my sons and daughters, my grandchildren, our gifts and talents, ideas and inspirations, visions and motivations, I asked my son what was the temperature and he said 26o.  Then I asked, “What is the “real feel?”  He told me that the winds were at 9 miles per hour.

With that information, I knew the “real feel” was approximately 15o.  BEcause I have an obsession with being as precise as possible, I checked my weather app to see if it would display the information and it stated that it was indeed 26o (sum of 8) and “real feel” 16o (sum of 7).  Straightaway when I saw that, I heard, like a fountain of water springing up,

“Your situation is 10 degrees better than what you feel that it is.  Don’t BE moved by what you feel; BE moved by what you know.  And know this, your situation IS BETTER!”  

How?  Just how do I know this IS the truth?  Because the Spirit of Truth, WHO dwelleth with me and BE in me, guides me IN to all truth.  Thus, my knowing.

Previously, I had written in my journal about the power of the number 10 (law and testimony).  From a biblical reference, Genesis 1 is the first occurrence of a testimony.  Ten times, this chapter testifies of YAH’s creative power by the expression “God said.”  Each time those 2 words (union) were released into the atmosphere (into the darkness, the firmament, the waters, the earth, etc.), the atmosphere yielded itself to the power of what was said.  What was spoken BEcame, and what BEcame still IS.  It still exists.

Being swift to hear (both sensitive and acute), I understood that the testimony this morning wasn’t that my (your) situation is GOING TO GET or is IN THE PROCESS OF BEcoming better.  Better already exists!  The testimony is that my (your) situation IS (now, right now, here and now, without delay, this very moment, this present time, this day and age) BETTER!  And it is that, by 10o.

There is no preparation for IS to BE.  However, we have to prepare ourselves to BE what IS.  SELAH! 

As for me and my household, we are rising up to what IS by BEing a doer of the word according to James 1 (KJV), and as expounded in my weblog “Doer of the Declaration.” 

I ask of you my dear friends, “What it is?”  It IS BETTER!

© 2016 Angela M. Smith

Doer of the Declaration

Today, I attended another case conference to review and update the goals and plans of a teenager.  In these case conferences, we work on three things: (1) we review past goals and successes/failures of those goals, as well as ask the teen questions about how they view their progress, (2) then, we update/establish new goals based upon the progress/regression of the child, as well as listen to and hear their objective on what they desire to achieve next, and last (3) we develop a plan to succeed the afresh established goals.

After the conference, I sat in my car and recapped all that was discussed and the words advocacy, declaration, and helper were paddling in my soul.

Goals and declarations, to me, are tantamount.  Embodied in both words, a person is composing a confident statement by giving specific details of a plan.  They are expressing something that they desire to have.  In my area of expertise, and otherwise, I’ve watched many people inscribe declarations (goals) and that’s it.  All they’ve done was state something over and over again.  However, saying something without doing something will retard the emerging of the declaration.  Thus, the never-ending saying, stating, talking, writing, and likewise the never-ending not doing.

By way of example:  let’s say that one of my declarations (goals) is that Nataph Consulting will work with a retired NFL/MLB sportsperson providing executive director services for his foundation.  My ideal work space is my home office, and I will travel, on occasion, as required to the site location.  This is one of my declarations (goals). What is the most likely result of this declaration (goal) if I do not submit my required credentials?  Will the person even know that I exist, that I’m qualified, that my KSA’s and work ethics are exemplary, and that I will represent his name with integrity?  No.  They will not know.  I have to do something that will bring awareness to them to propel my declaration (goal) to live.  SELAH!    I must BE a doer!

To witness the “BE fruitful and multiply” results of our declaration (goal), we have to BE doers.  Doers are people who “always” progress, improve, increase, get better, etc.  They attract helpers (someone who works with them and their plan of action) who are dedicated to advocacy (actively supporting them; speaking in favor of them).  These helpers read, they understand, and they implement the forthright declarations (goals) so that they (the declarations/goals) surely come.  And, a team of helpers is a team of doers…and givers.

Remember, doers are people who “always” progress, improve, increase, get better, etc.  Thus, helpers will “always” progress, improve, increase, get better, etc.  SELAH!  So then, if you don’t have a plan, an idea, a chart, a sketch, something for helpers to help you with, you can’t justly expect them to help you unto acquiring your declaration (goal).

What are you doing, not saying, that requires the help of a helper?

From this case conference, I, once more, realized that articulating a declaration and penning a goal is priority.  For that reason, taking action to propel the declaration into existence cannot BE skirted.  The teen in this case saw his declaration (goal) face-to-face today.  It was a 3-month plan and he achieved exactly what he desired to achieve, and the reward was exactly what his team of helpers said it was.

He progressed to another level; a level that he declared to succeed.  Now, although he has a team of helpers (a team of doers) advocating for him, he was encouraged to take part in his advocacy and BE his own helper; to BE a doer.  Again, doers of the declaration (goal) “always” progress, improve, increase, and get better.

In such manner as this teenager, so it is with us parents, relatives, entrepreneurs, educators, athletes, business owners, etc.  We must not only say and write or expound and exclaim, we must BE a doer of the declaration (goal).  We must escape the sinful nature of chicanery to manipulate doers and givers into advocating for us because we have failed to advocate for ourselves.  With great compassion, I compel us all to BEcome diligent doers of our own declarations (goals).

I dedicate this blog to my son, Jordan G. “TheArtistic” Hicks.  We developed a plan, you worked the plan, your team of helpers advocated for you on the journey, and today you received exactly what you told me you wanted.  Well done son!  I love you!

© 2016 Angela M. Smith

It is the 40th Day

For a few days now, I’ve been attempting to choose a song to minister at a service and no thing was coming to mind for the cause.  When I was asked about what I would be rendering, I had no other answer than, “I don’t know.”

On this morning’s drive, I succinctly heard the phrase, “SAY YES TO ME.”  Instantly, the lyrics to one of my favorites rose to awareness:  “God wants a YES!  YES to His will!  YES to His way!”  Soon thereafter, a medley of “YES” songs began to flow as I made my declaration of  YES to the voice of the LORD my YAH!  YES to do right in His sight!  YES to give ear to His commandments and keep ALL His statues!

Sitting at my desk, with the intent to meditate and soak in the scriptures, that I BElieve in, Exodus 15:25-27 was the very first scripture that enlightened me:

“And he cried unto the LORD; and the LORD shewed him a tree, which when he had cast into the waters, the waters were made sweet: there He made for them a statute and an ordinance, and there He proved them, and said, IF thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God,and wilt do that which is right in His sight, and wilt give ear to His commandments, and keep all His statues, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the LORD that healeth thee.  And they came to Elim, where were twelve wells of water, and threescore and ten palm trees: and they encamped there by the waters.”

While meditating, at 9:52 a.m. (16, means love) the enemy started to pressure me with false advertisements (deceptions) of love.  Just 10 days ago, September 7, 2015, I wrote about how my oil level is at 100%, and I will LET no man deceive me.  Today, there was evidence that my oil level is maintained.  At 10:24 a.m. (7, means perfection or completeness) the Holy Spirit, in a few perfect words, whispered to my soul, “It is the 40th day!”

I quickly jumped up and BEgin to worship the LORD with my voice.  I looked at the date and did the calculation, not because I wasn’t sure, but because I was sure that I had heard accurately.  Sure enough, today is the 40th day (I had started a journey of potentials on August 8, 2015), and my conscious self came alive to what was opened up in my spirit.

The Spirit of the Truth has been speaking to me with numbers for a long time now.  So, I started studying the number 40.  Forty, from a biblical perspective, means a period of testing, trials, or probation.  During my 40-day encounters, I didn’t even realize that I was being tested.  Nonetheless, at the moment of revealed knowledge I couldn’t resist the lifting of my hands, the walking and rejoicing, and the tears of thanksgiving BEcause I had passed this period of persuasion.

The enemy said,

“I will pursue her; I will overtake her; and my lust shall BE satisfied upon her.”

Even so, there was yet a predetermined plan for this will.  The enemy and my days of old behavioral configuration (giving in to enticements) were defeated BEcause I recognized the wile spirit and rebuked it.  Through it all, Marah (meaning a drop of bitterness or heaviness) could have been my disposition.  I could have chosen to pitch a fit.  However, I choose to pitch a tent and LET peace and gladness abide.  SELAH!

There is this one thing I’ve desired for my household, and twice in the last 40-days the prospect of having my desire was at my pleasure.  Yet and still, the Spirit alive was guiding me in that the presence that I’ve heard for 40-days was not the suitable presence for us.  Thus, the invariable nature of my position, as an unmarried mother, is this:  it is not due diligence for me to (and I cannot) make swift decisions concerning my hope.  I must continue to rely on, and put my trust in, YAH as I work my faith.

I’m unequivocally certain that there will BE many more 40-days.  As for this one though, I acclaim, “My YES is to the righteousness of YAH and the guidance of His Spirit!”  In such, there is no failure.

© 2015 Angela M. Smith

The Authority of The Father

To the rebellious wife and the irresponsible husband, I know that something has happened to one of you to BEcome as you are and for the other to naturally respond to what you’ve BEcome. How do we get the family back to a healthy posture? How will our households ever BE a wholesome image of Who God is and how He established family if father or mother is absent?

Today, when I sought counsel on a matter, I learned a valuable lesson about my role as mother.  I was desperate for a father for my sons, and in that desperation I reached out to a couple of young men who, in the conclusion of the matter, could not offer one word of strength.  I was hurting and wanted the help of a father.  That help was not available!  It has not been alive for my household for over 17 years.  In my cry for peace and understanding, I discovered that when the husbandman fails in his leadership function as husband and father I have The Authority of The Father to do what a father should BE doing in my home.  I have been given the “designated power” to father my children.

  1. I have compassion for them (Psalm 103:13).
  2. I advocate for and carry my sons. Not only physically have I carried them, but I bear them up emotionally, financially, spiritually (Deuteronomy 1:31).
  3. When they sin, I rise up early to pray for them (Job 1:5).
  4. I don’t give my son a stone instead of a loaf; I give good gifts to my children (Matthew 7:9-11; Luke 11:11-13).
  5. I don’t provoke my children unto anger, as I don’t want them to lose heart.  So, I nurture them in the admonition of the LORD.  They might get mad at my chastising and diligently disciplining them, but I do this BEcause I love them.  It is for their good. I correct my sons BEcause I love them.   I’m quick to repent, to assure them I AM for them and not against them.  I tell them they can actually BE angry, just don’t sin by letting the sun go down on their wrath (Ephesians 6:4; Colossians 3:21; Proverbs 3:11-12; 13:24; Ephesians 4:26; Hebrews 12:7-11).
  6. I desire my sons to live a good life.  Thus, I’m constantly praying prayers of protection; I do not desire them dead.  I know that foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, this is why the rod of discipline (the Word of God) is driving it far from them. I have the power to decree that they will not bring shame to me; my reproof gives them wisdom (Proverbs 19:18; 22:15; 29:15).
  7. I teach them to love the LORD our God and to BE the Word of God. We sit and talk of His Word in my house, in the car, at the park, and on the highway.  We go to sleep to His Word (Deuteronomy 6:6-7; 11:18-21).
  8. I exhort and comfort my children.  Not a day comes and a night goes that they don’t get warm hugs, pats on the butt, bedtime back rubs, I love you’s 50 million times a day, you did good son, I’m liking those grades keep up the good work, you got this, do your part and I’ll do mine, etc. (1 Thessalonians 2:11).

You see, God has enabled me (given me authority) to father my children.  There is no one else here to do it.  And, BEcause I have The Authority of The Father I, an unmarried virtuous woman and mother, vow to model a life of  gratefulness, appreciation, Pure Divine Love, forgiveness, humility and temperance with this designated power.

© 2015 Angela M. Smith

100 Percent

For 4 weeks now, I’ve been praying about a plausible contingency that will bless my household and complete our desires.  Since 08.08.15 (eight meaning new beginning), I’ve had 4 dreams that spoke to and about this new thing. During these last 30 days, there were times I had felt as though my certainty was slipping into uncertainty as anxiety was a grouch, crying ‘LET ME IN’.  However, I didn’t open the door.  I kept on praying and I kept on BElieving.

Around 0245 hours on 09.05.15, I laid a pray BEfore the LORD.  At 1045 hours (8 hours later), I got in my car (after having the oil changed) and the oil indicator read – 100%.  This was normal as it always read 100% after every oil change.  However, in the batting of an eye I heard the Holy Spirit (gently and clearly as I can naturally hear) say, “Your oil level is at 100%!”  That was such an EXHILARATING experience!

Forthwith, I knew that response was a direct correspondence to my supplication and to the dreams.  One of the other first things that came to my mind was Matthew 24:4 (KJV) “…take head that no man deceive you”, and Ephesians 5:6(a) (KJV) “…LET no man deceive you with vain words.”   This was of great comfort to me, as the potential of being deceived is what caused the anxiety in the beginning.  I didn’t want to BE deceived or fall into the trap of deception.

Well, it was in the 4th dream that the Holy Spirit showed me how to put deception in check.  In this dream, I was leaving a facility and in the lobby were three people: 2 sitting in a waiting area and 1 sitting at a check-in/out counter.  There was a middle-aged man facing the desk and as I arrived this is the short conversation we had:

MAN:  Ms. Smith?

ME:  Yes Sir?

MAN:  I have a package for you.  I have included you in my living will.  All that I have, I give it to you.

ME:  (looking around the lobby to make sure he had the right Ms. Smith) Are you talking about me?


I went behind the desk and begin to do my RESEARCH!  I needed to have assurance and BE secure that he was not trying to scam me.

This thing called research is a powerful noun.  It means to carefully study; studious inquiry; to investigate aimed at discovery and the interpretation of facts.  Koheleth, the son of David, also called Preacher, said that “he applied his heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things…” (Ecclesiastes 7:25, KJV).  This is the kind of searching and researching I applied in this dream.

While doing my research, I saw the man in a corner talking with a lady.  The lady said, “She is a smart woman.  She is not going to BElieve what you have given her until she has fully searched you out.  We can’t deceive her.”  The “we can’t deceive her” was not inferring that they were trying to deceive me, but rather that I wouldn’t LET them deceive me.  There is no room for deception and I wouldn’t or couldn’t LET them deceive me BEcause my oil level is full!  SELAH!


© 2015 Angela M. Smith


The Preferred

While rejuvenating my limbs and refreshing my skin, I begin to think about how people are often chosen first, chosen over someone else, to do a particular thing.  If the first choice doesn’t measure up (they don’t do expectedly well) then someone else, who was also experienced to BE chosen first, will BE called upon to do that same particular thing.  That someone else is often a last resort to ultimately get the job done.  You know, to make that particular thing a success.

I realized that way too frequently, the first is chosen BEcause they are preferred.  Perhaps they were the early birds, or they are preferred BEcause of who their parents are, or BEcause they donate generously, or BEcause someone told another to choose them over everyone else, or BEcause they were a great orator, or even BEcause they had great material gain.  However, being the preferred choice doesn’t unequivocally mean that you are the preferred – the most valuable, qualified, skilled, astute, etc.  SELAH!

There are many waiting to accomplish a particular thing, but you will not attain them.  They wait all the day long as a day turns into weeks, and weeks into months.  After months of seeing that your preference is not promising, you decide to take a second look at those quarts and zircons, topaz and garnets, and beryls that are sitting on the sidelines of your table.  These were overlooked BEcause you preferred the emeralds and rubies, sapphires and diamonds, and natural pearls, thinking they would serve sufficiently unto your success.  SELAH!

When considering people and your relationships with them, I encourage you to choose sagaciously.  As it is true, your preference, by whatever measure it is you have preferred, very well may not BE the most suitable for your soul and spirit, your business, your career, your education, your financial wealth, or your mind.

© 2015 Angela M. Smith

The Law of Giving

Today, once again, I was considering the truth regarding The Law of Giving.  Admittedly, I can’t live without this principle as I fully love and enjoy giving.  Why?  Because I know the multiplied effects of unspeakable joy that it produces in the form of receiving.  And, tis receiving isn’t a one-way reception.  To mention, I fully love and enjoy receiving as well.  Second Corinthians 9, amongst many other holy directives, is an excellent teacher on the law of giving.  It directs us in a very methodical manner on how to give:

Verse 6:  Soweth sparingly reap also sparingly; soweth bountifully reap also bountifully

Verse 7:  Every man according as he purposeth in his heart; so LET him give; NOT grudgingly; Or of necessity; For God loveth a cheerful giver

A week ago, I reviewed the power of the Archaic suffix, and Greek tense word, ‘eth.  Here we see it again in soweth, purposeth, and loveth; this meaning continual action of sowing and continual action of purpose.  SELAH!  Now, if for any reason (doubt, fear, skepticism, etc.) you think, believe, and feel that through your giving you are losing or that you might not receive, you are losing indeed.  As it is true, according to this law, those reasons (and others like them) will not ever bring a positive increase.  You can, of the sorts, become similar to the expression of Haggai 1:6 in that your giving was put into a bag with holes.  There is no return.  You are losing and have lost your ability to receive because you didn’t properly give.

The condition of the heart is very important when giving.  This is why Paul said we are to LET every man give according as he purposeth in his heart.  That meaning, LET him do it.  We shouldn’t coerce man to give.  The scriptures calls of us to LET him do it (give) according to the intent of his heart.  I’ve witnessed many people give their time, their resources, their expertise, their financial support, etc. all so grudgingly.  Why to you supposed people give in such manner?  I offer a few reasons why:

1.)  They’ve been repeatedly forced to give.

2.)  They’ve been told if they don’t sow a seed (monetary) they will not BE blessed.

3.)  They’ve been tricked and abused.

4.)  They’ve been giving to “takers” and not other givers (who are actually receivers), expecting a return from takers and that will never happen.

5.)  They’re selfish.

6.)  They’re hurting and often feel justified by not giving, willingly or forced

Although these are legitimate reasons for one reason or another, we should always BE compelled to give by compassion and courtesy, hugs and flowers, or prayers and considerations; by paying a bill for someone, filling up their gas tank, or buying their groceries.  If you see they need shoes, buy them.  If you see they need a place to live, help them get it; or a warm hug and encouragement, give it to them.  Although non-materialistic systems of giving are the most powerful, giving from a monetary perspective is also exceptionally helpful.

In some of our teachings of times past, it’s been implied that grudgingly only means reluctantly or unwilling.  However, in 2 Corinthians 9:7 this word means lupe loo’-pay ; sadness, grievous, heaviness, sorrow.  We are directed NOT to give under these conditions.  In that same verse, we are told not to give OF necessity.  This word (necessity) broke my attention because in the days not long ago, we were told to give out of our needs (something like that).  In my mind, I would think that they were saying to me, e.g., if you need your rent paid give out of that (take from that since you don’t have it all anyways).

Then, I thought they were saying if you want to get out of a situation, a bind, a ditch, unclean tendencies and propensities, we should give (sow) our way out because sowing has a law of reciprocity that will not fail.  And again, at times I don’t think people really understand what was meant.  Necessity, means anagke an-ang-kay’; constraint; implication, distress:–distress, must needs, (of) necessity(-sary), needeth, needful.  We are guided to NOT to give under these conditions or give out of your needs.

Nevertheless, by a measure of faith, faithful people would faithfully give a portion of their allocated food money, mortgage money, car maintenance money, or insurance money, etc.  They’d double up on tithes and give 20%, and above that with their offerings.  They wouldn’t hold back sowing bountifully into the lives of others, their households, their businesses, their product, their education, their gifts and their talents.  By faith, they gave BEcause they BElieved they’d reap in the same way.

Then there is a cheerful giver.  Cheerful, as used in the scripture, is the opposite of grudgingly and of necessity.  It means hilaros hil-ar-os’; propitious or merry (“hilarious”), i.e. prompt or willing:–cheerful.   Propitious is a very powerful word for a cheerful giver.  SELAH!  Cheerful givers are lively givers they are not sad, heavy, and full of sorrow.  Thy don’t give for any other reason, to any person, organization, foundation, charity, event, project, or school, etc. other than the reason that God loveth a cheerful giver.  They know that giving, in the right manner, produces increased results of God’s favour.  And, they don’t give to be seen, noticed, applauded.  Their liveliness is not about their outward display of hyperactivity and acceptance.  Again, it is the condition (liveliness) of their heart purpose.

So then, knowing this truth and seeing how it effectively works in my life, I decree that:  I and my household will continue to cuddle with giving day-in and day-out.  We will continue to soweth bountifully and reap also bountifully.  We will continue to give according as we have purposeth in our heart.  We will BE cheerful givers, and will not give grudgingly OR of necessity.  As I have decreed, so it is.

Now, while I was sitting here making my decree, a lady walks up to me and asks if I wanted to go to the baseball game tonight because she had extra tickets.  Before I said yes, I begin to tell her about my evening last night.  It was 8:35 p.m. (16 love) and I was on my way home from picking up the lads that we (my sons and I) watch over at night.  When we got near the baseball park, I slowed downed and asked them if they had been to a baseball game yet.  Gazing at the park through the window, they said no!  I told them, “Well, we will have to make sure you get to go to one soon.  You will love it!”  Soon came in less than 24 hours later.  At 11:24 a.m. (8 new beginning) this morning, I received 6 tickets to the game.

The Law of Giving works.  We gave; we received.  We soweth bountifully; we reap bountifully.  I encourage you all to discover and grasp this nonstop free flowing action and response.  It will change everything concerning the lack in your life.  SELAH!

© 2015 Angela M. Smith