Blessed Upon Blessed – Grace Upon Grace!

Here I am, rearranging ideas, making plans, and thinking about how many days shall come until Josh’s graduation and I immediately said, “It’s exactly in 25 days!”  As I said the number a few times, I was thinking to myself, “That doesn’t seem right!”  In my hurrying, as I was really working and managing several items at the same time, I calculated the days again and for some reason couldn’t get 25 out of my mind.  I kept coming up with 25 days that my lad will BE passing through to another stage of life. 

On last night, 05.11.2016, he and I were reviewing his financial obligations for furthering his education and I told him that I’d definitely need to do “something” more than what I’m currently doing to honor that requirement.  There is more waiting on me as I pursue, by faith, for my sons.  However, I knew that whatever I do cannot and I will it not to ever rule over my time to BE available to and for my family.  As we were sharing, he, with a voice of assurance, encouraged me to DO (that word is very important).  

DO what?  

To DO that “something” that I had, the day before (05.10.2016), reneged on doing.  That something was to apply for another position that would significantly assist my capacity to enrich my family’s Kadima shift.  I was thinking that although I am qualified by abilities, education, and expertise, I wasn’t qualified by certification and it would BE unproductive to pursue.   

While chatting with my mother on this morning’s drive, I say to her that we are not going to utilize student loans and become weighted down by debt.  I declared to her that it is not the will of God, our Father, for us to live a life in arrears.  About 10 hours before this conversation, I’d been studying and teaching my lads about the term peonage, i.e., labor in a condition of servitude to extinguish a debt; the condition of a peon (a person who does hard or boring work for very little money).  As I was sharing with my mother, that word (peonage) came to mind and I say to her,

“On the faith of my son, I’m going to apply for the position!” 

She came into agreement with me, and a few moments later, as we were ending our conversation, she sets things in motion with these words, “BE blessed upon blessed!”  Initially, I thought she was inadvertently repeating her words.  However, she said it again, “BE blessed upon blessed!”  Now, at my destination, I am in the process of following through with my declaration and Mrs. Doubt-Procrastination reintroduced herself.  I recognized her presence right away as I haw-hemmed around for an hour.  Then I said, “Hmph!  Bump that!”  With great hope, I proceeded and did just that.  I did what I said I’d do, and the enemy loses again!

But, back to this 25 days though.  I begin to study the number 25, and it means forgiveness of sins by grace upon grace.  This, of the sorts, reiterated what my mother said to me at the end of our conversation for me to “BE blessed upon blessed.”  When this rose to my attention, serenity filled the atmosphere and I rested in this knowledge and measure:  I AM blessed upon blessed and grace upon grace is my portion. 

While shutting my house down from the days’ work, I still didn’t sense a confidence in my calculations and recalculated for a third time how many days there were until my lad passes through to another stage of life.  This time, in a relaxed state, I got it right.  It is 22 days.  This number means light.  Specifically, the light of God is for my son.  For His yoke is easy for my son, and His burden (His abundance) is light (a relief) for us.  SELAH! 

P.S.  I finally understand where I got 25 days from.  From May 9th, the day I initially set out to do a thing, until the day my son passes through is exactly 25 days.  Great things are awaiting us on June 3, 2016, and I will keep pressing to obtain our good!

©2016 Angela M. Smith  

Sleep Time, Dream Time, Rest Time!

Last week Friday, April 1st, I tried an experiment on myself and took notice that for every 3 minutes of sleep time, I actually dreamed for 1 minute.  Every time I opened my eye,s I documented the time.  Three times in a row, I dozed off to sleep and woke up exactly 3 minutes later.  During each of those 3 minutes of sleep time, I watched a 1 minute video in my dream and would wake up.

INCREDIBLE!  I am FASCINATED by time and numbers!  

Sleep Time (min.) Dream Time (min.)
3 1
30 10
45 15
60 20
180 60

Based upon that experiment, I got to pondering:  if we are actually “resting” during dream time, 3 hours of sleep time (180 minutes) would BE equal to 1 hour of rest time (60 minutes).  This would mean in order for us to achieve 8 hours of rest in a full day, we’d need 24 hours of sleep time.  Hmmm!

THINKING OUT LOUD:  And who is literally going to sleep for 24 hours?

Sleep Time (hours) Rest Time (hours)
3 1
6 2
12 4
18 6
24 8

However, it’s been noted via sleep studies and other testings that REM sleep makes up 25% of our sleep cycle.  In this cycle, our brain and bodies are rejuvenated and dreaming occurs.  So then, I got to pondering:  if we are sleeping for 3 hours, we’ve actually experienced 45 minutes of rest time, rejuvenation, dream time.    

Sleep Time (hours) Rest Time – Dream Time (hours)
3 :45
6 1.5
12 3
18 4.5
24 6

Based on this supposition, many of us (including myself) are not honoring our brain and bodies.  We are abusing ourselves by not giving to ourselves an acceptable allocation of honorable rest (not sleep) time.  Studies indicate that based on the age group of my household, we need 8 to 10 hours of sleep per day cycle.  This means that our brains and bodies will receive 2 to 2 hrs. and 30 minutes of rest per day.  

If in fact there are 24-hours in a day cycle, a tithe of a day would BE 2.4 hours, also noted as 144 minutes, also noted as  2 hrs. and 24 minutes.  Can we devote a tenth of our time, 2 hrs. and 24 minutes, to rest by getting adequate sleep?  

I’m certainly going to start this manner of devotion and for this reason:  I need to honor my temple, not just my body as in flesh and bones.  But, my body as in my brain, my neurological system, my heart, my lungs, etc.  Doing this is critical and will make me equally emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy.  

Sleep Time!  Dream Time!  Rest Time! 

©2016 Angela M. Smith    

My Success Status

This morning was one of those few days, that comes and goes here and there, that I felt very lonely as a woman-lady.  While gathering myself together, out of the darkness of this world the voice of the thief attempted to persuade me that the reason I have challenges in achieving sum total success is because I’m unmarried.  I told the thief, “That is a lie from your daddy!  My success is not predicated upon my marital success, but rather my ‘doer of the command’ status according to Joshua 1:6-9.”

As I begin to meditate on those scriptures a few of my favorite united with my mind: BE and DO.  BE very courageous!  I have to live with a steady mind; committed to, faithfully to, and uncompromising to what God has established for me.  I have to DO this BE.  SELAH!

BE!  DO!  This command dictates ‘My Success Status.’  

Without forethought, I understand that I can forfeit my future and the inheritance of my children.  But with wisdom, I can preserve it.  While praying and thinking, these words saluted me and my intellect stood attention:  Pursue!  Overtake! Recover!  There was a surge of energy flowing through me as I begin to explore how they were applicable to me in my right now counterattack.

Pursue:  don’t pursue just anything, but rather pursue what is approved by ‘our Father, Who are in heaven.’  Pursuing is not a lazy task, you must BE tenacious.  

Overtake:  when you come up on that thing, that idea, that desire, which you’ve been given permission to pursue, overtake it.  Overtake, in this presented context means to ‘catch by pursuit.’  When you’ve done that, follow close and cleave to what you’ve caught.  Hold fast to it.  

Recover:  recover, as presented here, doesn’t mean you were weakened and need to be strengthened again.  It means that you’ve pursued, you’ve overtaken, now LIVE!  Be refreshed at the success of being a “doer of the command.”

Pursue!  Overtake! Recover!  This command dictates ‘My Success Status.’

To the many unmarried and the many singles, while flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone is desired and preferred, don’t BE deceived by the temptations of the thief.  Your marital status is not your success status.  You must BE persuaded to DO this:  Pursue, Overtake, and Recover!

© 2016 Angela M. Smith


Weighted Blanket Therapy

“Weighted Blanket Therapy is a type of therapy that reduces transitional anxiety, and other induced anxieties. It is also used to treat those with sensory processing disorder, preventing emotional meltdowns.

This is a, if not the, reason that babies are wrapped or swaddled when entering this side of living from the womb side of living. Their thoughts, unknown to us, are already processing something is different, unfamiliar. Their neurological system starts to alter at the onset of their transition, thus the reaction of crying. Although, some babies reaction is whimpering while some others is nothing and they have to BE resuscitated to this terrestrial realm. SELAH!

The swaddling. SELAH! Have you ever pondered why the LORD Yeshua was wrapped in swaddling clothes? Preservation and Prevention. Swaddling relaxes not just the body, but also the mind. It eases the adaption process; improves focus by hearing, seeing, and by touch. And, it also helps you to sleep better with a sense – key word – of safety.

These therapy blankets are instrumental for those of us who experience a lack of harmony with our sensory processing. This neurological deficit cannot BE properly recalibrated, restored back to normal, by medicinal practices. The right touch is so important! And, woe unto those who abuses it by the lack thereof or by the inappropriate use of.

So then, who are you IN touch with today? What are you wrapped up, tied up, tangled up in?  Personally, I’ve touched hope today.  I’ve swaddled myself with my measure of faith, and I AM comforted, safe, and at ease.  SELAH.  Without these healing touches, that will reintegrate us back to our “in the beginning” state, we create cavities in the soul. SELAH! Oh to BE swaddled, once again” (Smith, Angela M. 2016).

Plan it! Do it!

“As part of my lads discipline, whenever I have to discipline them, I make them read the scriptures. We always go to the book of Proverbs. Even if they’ve read it BEfore, they have to read it again. It’s like branding their hearts (minds, thoughts) with words that will save their lives.

LAST NIGHT, our discussion was about planning and how we shouldn’t hastily do things. You know just on a whim, carelessly doing something to gratify a short-term emotion; a desire that has the potential to BE incredibly satisfying if we strategically organize it. I was explaining to them that it is important to plan (write the vision) and not just do things BEcause they feel like it.

Additionally, I needed them to understand that how I want it, when I want it, how I want to get it, and if it can’t BE like I want then I don’t want it is a posture of selfishness. And DOING selfishly, based upon a feeling, is a consumption mentality. This mentality leads to sum total poverty. You BEcome mentally obese. SELAH!

Feeling a bit heavy-laden, BEcause I wholly understood my lad’s emotional position, as I was preparing to rest a message came across my news feed about how success is a PLANNED event. Plan it! Do it! Then, THIS MORNING, a message came to me via email reiterating that you must PLAN to win. So then, on TONIGHT there was yet another affirmation confirmation assuring me that I’m yet on the right path in instructing my sons.

Proverbs 21:5.

Yes, the good book of instructions from a mother to her sons. Once again, I’ve found myself in the scriptures; a clear sign that I’m doing just fine as mother and parent” (Smith, Angela M. 2016).


On the 9th day of what is recognized as Black History Month, #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) Activist MarShawn McCarrel kills himself on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse. This was one of the first headlines that scrolled in my news feed on this day.

For me, this kind of news supports my advocacy in that we all should unequivocally know who we truly are.  My initial thought, after I wept, was that if this young man knew who he was, he would have been able to utilize the power available to him, given to him, the real him, to combat the evil that was pronounced upon his life from centuries and bloodlines ago.  But, not very many are imparting this truth and that is: WE ARE NOT BLACK PEOPLE!

When people mention Black History, some ignorantly BElieve that they are talking about African History.  Black History and African History are not the same thing.  Black History is, in fact, American Slave History.  Accordingly, there is a reason that I do not subscribe to BEing or accept BEing called black.  Even though it is part of America’s History, it is not who I AM.

In its contextual expression, as in referring to people, black is demonic.  Yet, so many continue to define and identify WHO they are, as a race of people, by this choice word.  A word that is used to degrade, and was bestowed upon people by an oppressor; a task master.

A hundred score and one, meaning a lot of, individuals have BEcome WHO the oppressor have said that they were.  Black.  A nigger.  How did they BEcome that?  I’ll tell you how.  By accepting AND campaigning for rights to BE black, to BE that nigger.  And, by identifying themselves as WHO the oppressor said they were…black…a nigger.  

Thus, many continue to BE treated as if they are WHO the task master said they were, because they are still acting like who the oppressor said they were and they are still advocating to BE the same.  They have BEcome a unified three strand cord with the name, the nature, the personality, and the behavior that the tormentor has given, taught, and engraved in them.

All the ages of protesting, rallying, and boycotting (even though the dial moves a little bit) will continue another 100 years for equality.  Why?  All in an effort to attempt to BE something that we, as a people, were never created to BE.  However, and yet, many accept what they have said we are and those same many continue to build up on it to make it work on their behalf.  How will you win a battle against the enemy that you, in the same breath, embrace as a truth?  I can’t win a battle against cancer and then advocate to BE cancerous?  SELAH!

DEFINE BLACK:  very dark color; very dark BEcause there is no light; dirty, soiled; thoroughly sinister or evil; very sad, gloomy, or calamitous; RELATING to a race of people who have dark skin and who come originally from Africa.

DEFINE NIGGER:  a black person; a member of a socially disadvantage class of people; a member of any dark-skinned race.

Who gave people these names I’ve just defined?  It’s no mystery that man, a people of European traders, branded citizens from African into American slavery as black and nigger.  We were not called these names until the slave traders and task masters defined us as what these names represents.  And then, our ancestors of old laid hold to those names and the substance that came with it.  Thus, we took it up on ourselves to carry on the language of a man, calling us a name that degrades.

In its contextual use, as it relates to people, black is, and means the same thing as, nigger. SELAH. So, people are literally walking around, parading, exercising die-ins, rallying in the highways, holding up traffic, saying, #NiggerLivesMatter!  They hate the word nigger, but are carelessly saying #NiggerLivesMatter.  If someone else calls them a nigger, they scream injustice and racism.  However, they will call themselves black and scream power and equality…we want fair treatment…we deserve…we have rights.  When will they wake up to the fact that they are fighting against themselves and their own agenda to BE free?

When when they realize that freedom will come when they are transformed in their minds and their language.  Sadly, but true, so many have BEcome their own segregated person, because they fail to honor a simple truth in that #AllLivesMatter.  Who’s advocating for ALL of us?  SELAH!

Words?  Why do they hate the “N” word (as they call it now), but they are constantly defining themselves as a nigger by continuously subscribing to BEing black?  Words are everything!  Every word has great value to it.  Especially when you take time and years to BEcome that word.  As a matter of fact, as I BElieve, the entire concept of this world and its inhabitants were created with words.  

Now, so many of us in this age are continuously advocating for equality to BE known as black.  In essence, and by definition, we are fighting for egalitarianism to BE evil, very sad, gloomy, or calamitous; dirty soiled; to BE a member of a socially disadvantage class of people.  THAT is not who we are!  WHY do we campaign to BE this, by the mere word itself?

Who are you?

I am a respectful citizen, who abides by what is honorable.  I am a daughter, a mother, an aunt, and a cousin.  I am a virtuous woman who dresses modestly and who speaks eloquently.  I am an educated lady, an effective communicator, an observer of the good and ill behavior of others.  I am compassion.  SELAH!  I am Pure Divine Love.  I am a business owner, a child and family and healthy marriage advocate.  I am  a singer, a writer, and an author.  I am a prophet, by name Nataph.  SELAH!  I am from the royal Biblical lineage of the Hebrew Israelites, specifically the tribe of Levi; I am of the Ibo people of Nigerian, I am a Native American of the Cherokee tribe, and I am European.  

I KNOW who I AM and I’m not black!

© 2016 Angela M. Smith

The WINDS Obey!

THIS morning when I rose, there was a tempest awaiting.  As I embraced myself, an impounded behavior and negative defeatist language tried to tempt me to curse the day. I immediately recognized its presence, resisted, and it fled!

WHILE experiencing forgive me my debts as I forgive my debtors, I understood that the Father is pleased that I owe no man anything accept Pure Divine Love.  In this zone of contentment, my son calls me from school to tell me about his blessing.  Based upon my victory – of resisting the enemy – I knew the LORD had already signed my day with his fingerprint.  My expectation was of Him and Him alone.

THEN, a friend shared a praise report about the good news bestowed upon his son and I had to get myself together, I tell you.  Gratefulness was living abundantly as I thought about how I “could have” allowed the first hour of the day temptation to breathe and consume my good.  I considered how I had an opportunity to nurture frustration and BE frustrated at the fact that a pass was intercepted.  ALLELUIA! I’ve “matured.”  

THINKING and thanking, the Holy Spirit begin to speak to me about from every direction I gift you.   Immediately, I thought about the compass rose or Rose of the Winds as it is also known.  I came to learn that there are 128 cardinal points of directions, all stemming from, and including, the 4 (world, creation) cardinal directions: N, S, E, and W.  Those additional 124 points are ‘perfect and complete’ in their individual function, and they are the two or three gathered together that work together to create escalated increase from ‘EVERY’ direction!  

SN:  Even a group of men, called disciples, marveled with the question of exclamation, “What manner of man is this that even the WINDS and sea obey Him!”  The WINDS (not wind) and sea obey Him!  Where did the WINDS come from, to BE as violent as they were on the sea?  

ILLUMINATED in my spirit, from this brief impartation, my faith is increased and measure and is firmly established.  I will to continuously walk by it and make unapologetic declarations and decrees into the atmosphere.  From EVERY direction, my prosperity shall come forth! It shall peacefully rest in my possession!

THE “WINDS” from EVERY direction shall obey the will of God for me.  The “WINDS” shall bring it thither and hither!  The 8 new and beginning principal “WINDS,” the 8 half “WINDS,” the 16 Pure Divine Love quarter “WINDS,” and the covenant “WINDS” shall obey and bring it to this place, here on earth.  I am persuaded that it cometh by the work of my faith.  So it is…

© 2016 Angela M. Smith