The Preferred

While rejuvenating my limbs and refreshing my skin, I begin to think about how people are often chosen first, chosen over someone else, to do a particular thing.  If the first choice doesn’t measure up (they don’t do expectedly well) then someone else, who was also experienced to BE chosen first, will BE called upon to do that same particular thing.  That someone else is often a last resort to ultimately get the job done.  You know, to make that particular thing a success.

I realized that way too frequently, the first is chosen BEcause they are preferred.  Perhaps they were the early birds, or they are preferred BEcause of who their parents are, or BEcause they donate generously, or BEcause someone told another to choose them over everyone else, or BEcause they were a great orator, or even BEcause they had great material gain.  However, being the preferred choice doesn’t unequivocally mean that you are the preferred – the most valuable, qualified, skilled, astute, etc.  SELAH!

There are many waiting to accomplish a particular thing, but you will not attain them.  They wait all the day long as a day turns into weeks, and weeks into months.  After months of seeing that your preference is not promising, you decide to take a second look at those quarts and zircons, topaz and garnets, and beryls that are sitting on the sidelines of your table.  These were overlooked BEcause you preferred the emeralds and rubies, sapphires and diamonds, and natural pearls, thinking they would serve sufficiently unto your success.  SELAH!

When considering people and your relationships with them, I encourage you to choose sagaciously.  As it is true, your preference, by whatever measure it is you have preferred, very well may not BE the most suitable for your soul and spirit, your business, your career, your education, your financial wealth, or your mind.

© 2015 Angela M. Smith

The Law of Giving

Today, once again, I was considering the truth regarding The Law of Giving.  Admittedly, I can’t live without this principle as I fully love and enjoy giving.  Why?  Because I know the multiplied effects of unspeakable joy that it produces in the form of receiving.  And, tis receiving isn’t a one-way reception.  To mention, I fully love and enjoy receiving as well.  Second Corinthians 9, amongst many other holy directives, is an excellent teacher on the law of giving.  It directs us in a very methodical manner on how to give:

Verse 6:  Soweth sparingly reap also sparingly; soweth bountifully reap also bountifully

Verse 7:  Every man according as he purposeth in his heart; so LET him give; NOT grudgingly; Or of necessity; For God loveth a cheerful giver

A week ago, I reviewed the power of the Archaic suffix, and Greek tense word, ‘eth.  Here we see it again in soweth, purposeth, and loveth; this meaning continual action of sowing and continual action of purpose.  SELAH!  Now, if for any reason (doubt, fear, skepticism, etc.) you think, believe, and feel that through your giving you are losing or that you might not receive, you are losing indeed.  As it is true, according to this law, those reasons (and others like them) will not ever bring a positive increase.  You can, of the sorts, become similar to the expression of Haggai 1:6 in that your giving was put into a bag with holes.  There is no return.  You are losing and have lost your ability to receive because you didn’t properly give.

The condition of the heart is very important when giving.  This is why Paul said we are to LET every man give according as he purposeth in his heart.  That meaning, LET him do it.  We shouldn’t coerce man to give.  The scriptures calls of us to LET him do it (give) according to the intent of his heart.  I’ve witnessed many people give their time, their resources, their expertise, their financial support, etc. all so grudgingly.  Why to you supposed people give in such manner?  I offer a few reasons why:

1.)  They’ve been repeatedly forced to give.

2.)  They’ve been told if they don’t sow a seed (monetary) they will not BE blessed.

3.)  They’ve been tricked and abused.

4.)  They’ve been giving to “takers” and not other givers (who are actually receivers), expecting a return from takers and that will never happen.

5.)  They’re selfish.

6.)  They’re hurting and often feel justified by not giving, willingly or forced

Although these are legitimate reasons for one reason or another, we should always BE compelled to give by compassion and courtesy, hugs and flowers, or prayers and considerations; by paying a bill for someone, filling up their gas tank, or buying their groceries.  If you see they need shoes, buy them.  If you see they need a place to live, help them get it; or a warm hug and encouragement, give it to them.  Although non-materialistic systems of giving are the most powerful, giving from a monetary perspective is also exceptionally helpful.

In some of our teachings of times past, it’s been implied that grudgingly only means reluctantly or unwilling.  However, in 2 Corinthians 9:7 this word means lupe loo’-pay ; sadness, grievous, heaviness, sorrow.  We are directed NOT to give under these conditions.  In that same verse, we are told not to give OF necessity.  This word (necessity) broke my attention because in the days not long ago, we were told to give out of our needs (something like that).  In my mind, I would think that they were saying to me, e.g., if you need your rent paid give out of that (take from that since you don’t have it all anyways).

Then, I thought they were saying if you want to get out of a situation, a bind, a ditch, unclean tendencies and propensities, we should give (sow) our way out because sowing has a law of reciprocity that will not fail.  And again, at times I don’t think people really understand what was meant.  Necessity, means anagke an-ang-kay’; constraint; implication, distress:–distress, must needs, (of) necessity(-sary), needeth, needful.  We are guided to NOT to give under these conditions or give out of your needs.

Nevertheless, by a measure of faith, faithful people would faithfully give a portion of their allocated food money, mortgage money, car maintenance money, or insurance money, etc.  They’d double up on tithes and give 20%, and above that with their offerings.  They wouldn’t hold back sowing bountifully into the lives of others, their households, their businesses, their product, their education, their gifts and their talents.  By faith, they gave BEcause they BElieved they’d reap in the same way.

Then there is a cheerful giver.  Cheerful, as used in the scripture, is the opposite of grudgingly and of necessity.  It means hilaros hil-ar-os’; propitious or merry (“hilarious”), i.e. prompt or willing:–cheerful.   Propitious is a very powerful word for a cheerful giver.  SELAH!  Cheerful givers are lively givers they are not sad, heavy, and full of sorrow.  Thy don’t give for any other reason, to any person, organization, foundation, charity, event, project, or school, etc. other than the reason that God loveth a cheerful giver.  They know that giving, in the right manner, produces increased results of God’s favour.  And, they don’t give to be seen, noticed, applauded.  Their liveliness is not about their outward display of hyperactivity and acceptance.  Again, it is the condition (liveliness) of their heart purpose.

So then, knowing this truth and seeing how it effectively works in my life, I decree that:  I and my household will continue to cuddle with giving day-in and day-out.  We will continue to soweth bountifully and reap also bountifully.  We will continue to give according as we have purposeth in our heart.  We will BE cheerful givers, and will not give grudgingly OR of necessity.  As I have decreed, so it is.

Now, while I was sitting here making my decree, a lady walks up to me and asks if I wanted to go to the baseball game tonight because she had extra tickets.  Before I said yes, I begin to tell her about my evening last night.  It was 8:35 p.m. (16 love) and I was on my way home from picking up the lads that we (my sons and I) watch over at night.  When we got near the baseball park, I slowed downed and asked them if they had been to a baseball game yet.  Gazing at the park through the window, they said no!  I told them, “Well, we will have to make sure you get to go to one soon.  You will love it!”  Soon came in less than 24 hours later.  At 11:24 a.m. (8 new beginning) this morning, I received 6 tickets to the game.

The Law of Giving works.  We gave; we received.  We soweth bountifully; we reap bountifully.  I encourage you all to discover and grasp this nonstop free flowing action and response.  It will change everything concerning the lack in your life.  SELAH!

© 2015 Angela M. Smith


Within The 30-Minute Restoration

This morning, I awakened to another migraine at 5:39 a.m. (17 victory), and here it was 5 hours later (favour) to the minute, 10:39 a.m. (13 lawlessness), that it is still speaking loudly with thumps of pain. At 8:13 a.m. (12 perfection), my Josue’ informed me that the internet wasn’t working so I checked my account and sure enough the payment I made two weeks ago was never debited. So, I called Comcast at 9:07 a.m. (16 love) to pay the bill, again, and the recording said, “Your service will BE restored WITHIN 30 minutes (30 The Blood of Christ)!”

In that moment, the very blink of an eye, I understood that this was the appointed day and time for the LORD’s affirmation to my prayers. At 9:26 a.m. (17 victory), my Josue’ says, “Mom, it’s working now.” That was 19 minutes (faith) after I called them.

From a biblical perspective, numbers have meaning, For a very long time now, more than 10 years, I’ve paid attention to the hour of revelation (the time that the Holy Spirit revealed something or spoke divine to me). At those specific times mentioned in the writing, they all bear a sum total number: 5:39 = 17. 17 means victory. The Spirit and Truth has been speaking to me like this for a long time.  I never really understood the appointed hour and their significance until 2005 and have been listening to the LORD with sharpness every since.

The Holy Spirit even speaks to me in a different language in my dreams.  I’ve had to wake up and research to make sure I knew what I heard was a real word and what it meant.  I was also doing some verbal transcription and the recordings picked up two foreign languages in my dialect that I’ve never spoken or studied. I have to look up the words that came out of my mouth and OMGOSH, they were real words. This was my spirit self, my true self that was created in the beginning, in the image of US (Genesis 1:26) and in OUR likeness, speaking the languages of YAH. SELAH!

Within The 30-Minute Restoration: It’s Working NOW! What’s working now and how is it working?

Victory, divine perfection and authority, and pure divine love is all working for me and everything lawlessness (created by man and inspired by Satan) is overpowered by the redemption that I have through the blood of Christ shed. My faith worketh and fail me not because I don’t fail my faith. I AM has come to my household and all services (all things that are rightfully and duly mine) are restored!

So then, I thank You Father for this ‘Within 30-Minute Restoration’ on today.

© 2015 Angela M. Smith

How To Ask of The LORD

I was seeking an answer from the Spirit of Truth regarding how to ask of the LORD YAH my Father.  Normally, when I think of ask I think of questions, requests, and inquiries, etc.  Still, in all that I consciously know, I yearned for revelatory clarity on “how to do” these things called ask.

While I prayed for answers, my brain was gently wiggling as the scriptures were pouring in.  I recalled my meditation from a few days ago on John 15:1-8:7IF ye abide in me, AND my words abide in you, ye shall ASK what ye WILL, AND it shall BE done unto you.  8HEREIN is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye BE my disciples.”  While chanting these scriptures, it arises in me that bearing much fruit, in this contextual manner, is produced from:

  1. two-fold abiding,
  2. asking what I will, AND
  3. it being done.

What I will should BE the same as what the Vine’s will is IF we are two-fold abiding.  In contrast, I ultimately bear no fruit IF the two-fold abiding is not my structure.  Instead, I will BE withered and burned by men.  SELAH!

So then, Luke 11:10 rose up in me in that “For every one that ‘asketh’ receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it SHALL BE opened.”  In times past, I’d studied the Greek tense of the word ‘eth.’  Today, revisiting it and its power was necessary.  The archaic suffix ‘eth’ is a noun and it is added to the end of verb words to tell you about the behavior of that word.  SELAH!  This suffix signifies a behavior of continual action known as Greek ‘perfect tense,’ vs. an action without continuation (or one-time action) known as Greek ‘aorist tense.’

With this in the forefront of my mind, I understood that for every one that continual ask (asketh) they continual receive (receiveth).  SELAH!  

However, I was yet uncertain if I understood “how to do” these things called ask.  Luke 11:8 told me exactly how to.  Importunity!  Shameless persistence!  Of the sort, this word is synonym with ‘eth.’  Again, this signifies continual action.  This is how we should pray (ask) of the LORD, Our Father, Who art in heaven – with shameless persistence.  To BE an importunate person, we must boldly persist, despite difficulties, in order to boldly receive.  Some might confuse what I’m saying with vain repetitions, much speaking, as mentioned in Matthew 6:7.  That is not the same as continual action, shameless persistence.

In the same scripture, Luke 11:8, the parable reveals that the friend, who came asking, was an importunate person.  His importunity (his persistence, his demand for help) was fervent.  Thus, his friend, who had what he needed, WILL rise and give him as many (loaves of bread) as he needeth.  The friend asked for three loaves, but it can BE deduced that the one who was giving gave more than three loaves, i.e., he give as many as he needeth.  He gave ALL that was needed to fulfill, not to merely get by for a little while.  SELAH!

Now then, although this law of reciprocity called asketh, seeketh, and knocketh responds for every one that doeth these things, it does not imply that everyone is bearing fruit.  SELAH.  You are only bearing fruit when you are two-fold abiding AND asketh.  SELAH!

Finally my brethren, this is the confidence that I have of Him, the Son of God:  that IF I ask any thing according to His will, and I will ask accordingly, He heareth me.  And IF He heareth me, and He does, whatsoever I ask, I know that I have the petitions that I desired of Him.

The LORD is my desire, I shall not want.  SELAH!

© 2015 Angela M. Smith

Net Worth

While washing dishes, for some reason or another, dialogues and writings from others of the life coach discipline about being an asset came to my mind.

In years past up to now, there has been a crusade (regarding relationships) about what people bring to the table.  This means what value (appeal, merit, substance, wealth, etc.) they are bringing to the relationship.  Majority of what has been delivered to us has been fixated on needing to BE an asset in the relationship.  Well, everyone is part asset.  Thus, we don’t need to BE that alone.  Instead of focusing on being an asset, we should focus on bringing the resources AND the responsibilities to the relationship.  This will assist in accurately calculating how valuable WE are to each other.

What is OUR net worth in OUR relationship?

In this parable, there is a woman who portrays herself as a woman of moral integrity.  She works, she has her own home, she provides for her household, she nurtures her children, she rides well, dresses well, her make-up and hair are always nice and neat, her nails are groomed, her feet are soft, she smells good, she is cordial, etc.  On the contrary, she doesn’t pay her bills on time, she bounces checks on an account that is closed by 5 figures overdrawn, she’s not a giver to the less fortunate, she’s not cooperative, she lacks humility, her children sees her two-facedness, and her speech is foul.

Assets and liabilities!  What is her net worth that she is bringing to the relationship?  The sum total of her ‘on the contrary’ makes her net worth (yaqar yaw-kawr) far below rubies.  It would BE to her advantage to rid herself of those liabilities and owner’s equity.  If not, they will depreciate her by compound scores.  SELAH!

Truly, the center of our attention should zoom in on our net worth status.  Are we consistently increasing in seven-fold health and soul prosperity?  Although this is not about deducing us to an economic equation or comparing us to the rate of a dollar, without a doubt, when our liabilities outweigh our assets our net worth will BE full of no value.  I sincerely encourage you all to stop increasing your assets (assets = owners’ equity + + + + liabilities) and start increasing your positive net worth (assets – – – – liabilities = net worth).

Know your worth for real!

© 2015 Angela M. Smith

Scientifically Spiritual

Is it possible to scientifically explain a spiritual occurrence? I’m not sure where this thought came from, perhaps I was reading something.  Right now, I’m not sure what I was reading at the time.  (A few moments have passed) OKAY!  Now I remember!  I was studying EFT and TFT, which are Emotional Freedom Technique and Thought Field Therapy.  EFT and TFT are alternative energy medicines like therapeutic touch, acupuncture, Reiki, etc.  Then I had to work my recollection to answer, “What made me want to study that?”  Well, yesterday I had starting reading an article on “Breaking the Psychologically Attachment to Illness.”  Oh how so many of us need to detach ourselves from ourselves and BE made whole.  SELAH!

All this week, I’ve been studying on thoughts and words and their importance to create, produce, activate, heal, etc.  At one point, the thought arose that this is just mindless.  Then I remembered that I took careful attention at how unfailing my midnight thoughts came to me as I BEgin to dose off.  Reliable was Psalm 3:3 as I laid me down to sleep:  “But thou, O LORD, art a Shield FOR me; MY Glory, and The Lifter Up of mine head.”  This song took its place to awareness.  As I measured this encouragement, my midday intercession sprung up in me, i.e., the LORD is MY naw-tsar’ (my protector, my shield).

Bringing the two thoughts together was like healing water to my bones.  I could literally feel my bones being strengthened by flowing water.  It made me giggle for a few seconds; I knew it was the Holy Spirit afresh.  This morning, when I opened my eyes, Psalm 3:3-4 awakened with me.  I started to pray MY protection a 70×70 mile radius; that wherever I am, I AM shields me.  The LORD sustained me!  Everything is perfectly complete.  SELAH!

Nonetheless, I kept reading and studying EFT and TFT and came upon the faith of the First Church of Christ, Scientist based in Boston, MA.  Not the cult, Church of Scientology!  That’s an entirely different army, with compounds ALL over this world, which, by the way, is opposed to abortion but PROMOTES homosexual oral and anal penetrative sex as a form of birth control.  I thought I was reading a Bourne Ultimatum script perusing information about this organization.

Anyways, back to the First Church of Christ, Scientist.  I learned that the requirements to BE a member of this organization, per the by-laws, are that you pray daily and study the bible.  You must subscribe to the organization’s periodicals IF YOU CAN AFFORD to, and pay an annual tax to the church of nothing less than $1.00.  There are the basic requirements to BE a member.  I personally like the idea that they have Reading Rooms at each sanctuary location that are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!  Isn’t that awesome?  It’s comparable to a library.  How many of the ministry organizations in your neighborhood are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC on days besides the days they’ve calendared service?

In addition, I was captured by the answer that explains the question, “What is a Christian Science?” in particularly this answer:

“Christian Scientists come from all walks of life and are happy to talk about their faith when asked, but we don’t proselytize. For us, a life well lived is the best example of our beliefs.”

A life well lived is THE BEST example of our beliefs!  This statement caused me to pause and ponder about what I see in other religious organizations.  Do they too BElieve, unto living, that “a life well lived is THE BEST example?”  Due to the fact that we all have tendency to yield to the great rhetoric of what we are accustomed to, when all things are considered, we systematically neglect knowing our neighbors who may actually have an acuter depth of spiritual insight.

This is a legitimate thought, and very likely a reliable truth, that if you think the religious organization that you belong to is THE ONLY organization that knows God (Creator, Love, Light, Spirit, and Truth) you are very likely under the influence of a persuasive deception.  As many of us are aware, Massachusetts is the breeding ground for witchcraft.  Sadly, witchcraft is practiced EVERYWHERE; even so, over the many altars that we fellowship in weekly.  There is no slight here, just the unsullied truth.

So then, I take it upon myself to start reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

“There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter.  All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all.  Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error.  Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal.  Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness.  Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual” (Eddy, Mary Baker (1910) Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 468). 

I love this quote of Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science, from the New York Herald, 1 May 1901,

“Where vaccination is compulsory, let your children be vaccinated and see that your MIND is in such a state that BY YOUR PRAYERS vaccination will do the children no harm.  So long as Christian Scientists obey the laws, I do not suppose their mental reservations will be thought to matter much.”  

For some reason or another, all of this brought back to my attention, in an affirming manner, that what I’ve been saying for quite some time now is great truth.  And that is, we need to BEcome our spirit selves in this realm, as this is our true self.  We need to unBEcome who we are and BEcome who we were created.  When we start living from this place (spiritually minded, taking on the attributes of Our Image, the Mind of Christ), then we will start experiencing life and peace on earth AS IT IS in heaven.  I wholly BElieve John 6:63 (KJV),

It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I SPEAK unto you, they ARE SPIRIT, and they ARE LIFE.

As I read more from the pages of this text, I thought I was reading my mind on paper.  So many things I hear in my spirit, I’ve heard them again in this book.  I thus recognize that these thoughts, which are coming to conscious, are arriving BEcause there are disciplines that I need to study.  There are matters that I need to learn; there is wisdom to gain; and, there is understanding to get.

I study on…

© 2015 Angela M. Smith

Compassion, I AM!

Today, life events from my youth woke up as I was meditating.  I remember in my days of youth how I used to be tormented by princedoms, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places (the soul).  Even though my parents were praying parents, I, in my own assessment, didn’t know how to respond to this torment other than self-harm.  As a child, I didn’t even know this word or what it meant.  However, the tormenter that seeks to kill, steal, and destroy knew that word and had no respect of me being a child.

The most common practice of self-harming is a cutter, which is strongly suited with poisoning.  I, on the other hand, wasn’t a cutter.  I was a self-beater, both mentally and physically, with suicidal tendencies.  My communication with myself was destructive!  Consequently, my right knee tells a story of years of abuse.  The abuse was first compulsive (driven by this inner force to do something), and then intentional (premediated, well thought out) because I saw the results of compassion that it yielded.  Compassion!

In former times, my thinking lifestyle and life’s happenings led me to obsessive and compulsive behaviors.  These behaviors stifled my life!  My thoughts were hacked as I attempted to secure things from people who didn’t have what I needed.  Behaviors that made me want to demand this, that, or the other from bankrupt resources and individuals who were not gifted to meet the demand.  These thoughts were my responsibility.  Even so, after gelling with how I had evolved considering my ways wasn’t a stress-free undertaking. Nonetheless, the onus was still on my shoulder to consider my ways.  What did I do, or was not doing, that caused my life to BE what it was?  My self-harming actions were, in reality, harming others

As I now breathe, before I BEcame whom I AM I had to BE healed of who I was.  SELAH!  Wisdom was a ray of light, schooling me in that I wasn’t created with these self-harming deficiencies.  Yet, they were born.  These shortcomings had to die!  An abortion was requisite in order for me to cuddle with salvation, healing, and miracles.  And die…they did!  Not in one wave, but in many tides over the past 30 years.  On this journey, I’ve discovered that confessing my faults concerning my thoughts dismantles the pallets of pride. .

Essentially, I had to break up with injury and cunning persuasions to collect compassion and learn how to BEcome the compassion (the Ruhamah) that I longed for.  SELAH! In the here and now, for the past 2 years, I’ve been praying for that Ruhamah.  My prayers were consistent in this manner, “LORD!  I want to BE compassion and more compassionate.  I yearn to BE that for and towards my children; for and towards the fortunate and fateful.  LORD, LET me BE compassion!”  As I set out to study what I wanted to BEcome, I learned that compassion doesn’t seek a return from others; it simply enjoys being what it is and doing what it does.  Also, I’ve learned that it is an intensely powerful word that brings life.  It has elements of mercy that runs deep to spring up like a rushing well of water.  My study revealed to me that the word Ruhamah, which is Hebrew in origin, derives from the root-verb rahammeaning to love deeply/to have mercy.  This kind of compassion is expressed in Exodus 33:19 and 2 Kings 13:23.

In order to BEcome the image of my Creator, I had to consider my ways and change my reasoning.  To live, in the likeness of my YAH, I must continuously have the mind of Christ.  My spirit self, meaning the real me, has to abound at all times lest I return to the foolishness of my natural self, i.e., the self-harming.  Of this lot in life, I have fully BEcome whom I desired to BE and I covet no longer.  I have long disowned self-harm, and I cleave to Pure Divine Love.  I AM now, compassion!

© 2015 Angela M. Smith